Mašo Commerce

Maso Commerce Ltd production company was founded on 6th of november in the year 1992. in the town of Užice (location: Bela Zemlja). The company has been producing personal protective equipment since year 1999. Manager and company owner Mr. Zoran Janjic has earned a lot of experience with polymer production working in once massive company "Prvi Partizan". Primary activity of our company is manufacturing high-quality personal protective equipment.


EN 50365 Standard

Electrically-insulating helmets for use in low voltage facilities. Test voltage up to 10KV, intended for electrical installations of rated voltage up to 1000 V ac and 1500 V DC, class 0.


Sandblasting suit

Air filter for a Sandblasting suit

Helmets for transformer stations

Pink industrial helmets for ladies

Fluorescent, green and orange helmets in marker vest colors

Fluorescent helmets with phosphorescent strips

Phosphorescent green color which gives light that is more visible to the human eye than any other color. It is enough to illuminate the strip for 30 minutes of natural or artificial light in order for it to glow in the dark for 6 hours. Light is strongest in the first hour, and later intensity of the light gradually decreases. Used for work in the dark, in tunnels, mines, not so brightly lit canals etc.